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     Welcome to the official web page of the Virginia 1,000yd Benchrest Club.  From 2000 to 2009 matches were held on Ranges in the central Virginia area The firing line The club board decided that the Virginia Club will hold it's matches at the Harry Jones Range in West Virginia. The Harry Jones Range is a great range with a very nice group of shooters.The firing line For the 2016 seasons the Virginia Club's home is at the Harry Jones Range.

If you are interested in attending a match or becoming a club member please look around at the information provided to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. But if you still have questions that aren't answered here then feel free to contact the webmaster or any of the club officers or members mentioned within these pages and they would be more than glad to help you.

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6 September 2018


"2 New Va, 1000 club Records

New smallest 5 Shot LG Group Tom Dunn 1.455.

New 5 shot LG High Score 50 with 1.493 tie breaker Mike Wilson.




"Hello to all Long Range Marksmen!

Thanks for coming to our State Championship. I have heard many positive comments from y'all, and this is greatly appreciated. Our State Championship is a bit unique because we aggregate 4 Light Gun and 4 Heavy Gun Targets over two days of competition. It was a great turnout. We had 59 Light Gun and 43 Heavy Gun Competitors. And you were all terrific! Lots of good conversations and good will. My view is that the 1000 Yard Shooters are the finest group within IBS! Attached you will find the relay and shoot-off results for our IBS matches 7, 8, 9 and 10, and the aggregate results for the Virginia State Championship with Equipment List and VA 1000 Points. My apologies for the delay in getting the Aggregate results out. Because of the large number of shooters we overloaded our aggregate software program. Many thanks to Ben Allread for expanding the aggregate program to accommodate this. And also much thanks to Ben for creating this program that we have used for several years at our State Championships. We are very grateful to our many sponsors. Cash and prizes for our State Championship totaled more than $11,000! Sponsors include:

Bat Machine

Capstone Precision

Defiance Machine

Douglas Barrels

Eazor Precision

Graf and Sons


Matthews Long Range Supply

Nightforce Optics

Virginia 1000 Yard Benchrest Club For the prizes you won at the match, please be sure to thank the sponsor. It is a great thing to have so many sponsors! Our shooters put on quite a display during the two days of competition. We had 22 Light Gun targets with groups under 3.5", and 20 perfect 50 scores. For Heavy Gun we had 24 targets with groups under 5.5", and 5 perfect 100 scores. It was some kind of tough competition! Congratulations to our State Championship Winners: (Plaques and checks being mailed.)

2 Gun Overall:

1st: Tom Murtiff--$200 award

2nd: William Ice

3rd: Steve Brennen

Light Gun Overall:

1st: Blake Wilson--$100 award

2nd: Bob Denver

3rd: Steve Brennen

Light Gun Group:

1st: Blake Wilson 3.209"--$50 award

2nd: David Matthews 3.637"

3rd: Mike Wilson 3.938"

Light Gun Score:

1st: Bob Denver 49.50--$50 award

2nd: Tom Murtiff 49.25

3rd: William Ice 49.00

Heavy Gun Overall:

1st: Tom Murtiff--$100 award

2nd: Eric Alread

3rd: William Ice

Heavy Gun Group:

1st: Tom Murtiff 4.925"--$50 award

2nd: Tom Dunn 5.872"

3rd: Michelle Brennen 5.900"

Heavy Gun Score:

1st: William Ice 97.75--$50 award

2nd: Mike Wilson 97.50

3rd: Tom Murtiff 97.00

Once again, thanks for making this a fantastic match!

Best Regards,

Jeff Green



2017 VA. 1000 Yd. Club Champions:

2017 Va. 1000 yd. Club 2 Gun Grand Champion Henry Brewer Jr

2017 Va. 1000 yd. Club LG Overall William Ice

2017 Va. 1000 yd. Club HG Overall Scott Frock




1 December 2016

2016 VA. 1000 Yd. Club Champions:

2016 Va. 1000 yd. Club 2 Gun Grand Champion Robert McMichael

2016 Va. 1000 yd. Club LG Overall Robert McMichael

2016 Va. 1000 yd. Club HG Overall Jeff Green




4 January. 2015

     Australian / USA Postal matchs 1 - 5 are posted.

Check it out ---


2015 VA. 1000 Yd. Club Champions:

2015 Va. 1000 yd. Club 2 Gun Grand Champion Larry Bryant

2015 Va. 1000 yd. Club LG Overall JC Jarrell

2015 Va. 1000 yd. Club HG Overall Eric Allread



2014 VA. 1000 Yd. Club Champions:

2014 Va. 1000 yd. Club 2 Gun Grand Champion Henry Brewer Jr

2014 Va. 1000 yd. Club LG Overall Henry Brewer Jr

2014 Va. 1000 yd. Club HG Overall Larry Bryant.



14 May. 2014

NEW Australian Light Gun Group Record:

On Sunday the 9th of March, at the Canberra Range, Brisbane 1000yd BR competitor, Peter Varley, established a new Australian Light Gun Group record of 2.010". Peter is to be congratulated for this world class achievement. He used a borrowed rifle in 6.5x47 caliber to establish his new record. For his effort Peter qualifies for and receives a "smiley" award (our version of the IBS 'screamer' award). Projectiles Lapua 123 gr Scenars, Cases 6.5 x 47 Lapua, Primer - CCI 450, Powder - AR 2208 (Varget). Cheers, Dave Goodridge

We want to get the first shots down range at 9:30am, so please arrive well in advance of this for registration. Note that match fees will be $70 for the day (covers 2 light gun and 2 heavy gun matches), or $35 if you are only shooting either light or heavy gun. We are not requiring membership in the VA 1000 club this year because it is a transition year, but we urge our shooters who have in the past belonged to the Virginia club to get a membership ($40). This money is used to help pay for jackets, year end aggregate awards, etc. Please be sure to bring your lunch with you for our matches. Levi will not be cooking for us this season, and we don't want any of our shooters to be distracted by grumbling bellies! I hope to see you all at the Match on June 14th.

A Big Thanks to Harry Jones Memorial Range for the great 2015 season.

Best Regards,

Jeff Green.



Please see the 2016 Match schedule for dates.


Harry Jones 1000yd Benchrest Club


Please note that the VA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club will hold all 2016 matches at the Harry Jones Memorial 1000 Yard Club in Fairmont, WV.  Please see the 2016 Match schedule for dates.



Registration cut-off will be at 9:00 am on each match day. We plan to start shooting by 9:30 am.


Directions to the Harry Jones Memorial range:

  • Note: GPS coordinates N39* 36.228; W080* 15.930
  • From I-79 take exit 137, Downtown Fairmont
  • Observe the very low speed limits from I-79 to the Range
  • Take Rt. 310 North to Stoplight at McDonalds, turn left.
  • Drive 1.2 miles to third stop light, turn right and go across Jefferson St. Bridge.
  • Drive 0.3 miles, at third stop light turn left onto Jackson St.
  • Drive 0.1 miles, at second stop light turn right onto Rt. 250 North
  • Drive 7.2 miles to stoplight at Farmington, turn right onto Rt. 218 North
  • Drive 6 miles to stop sign, turn left to stay on Rt. 218 North
  • Drive 0.7 miles and continue straight onto Miracle Run Road (at the Dairy Mart)
  • Drive 1.4 miles, Harry Jones range is on the right across from Loveridge Mine.



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